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    As a member you have access to manage your own files that are uploaded.(Please don’t abuse or they will be removed)

    Warning: We allow external links, but will be removed if they are unacceptable to our Community for viewing.

    Media – This is an area to add Albums and Media(view in profiles) which are different then Galleries(can be global to site).

    Galleries – This is an area where you create Albums and Upload files

    How to manage Media – more coming

    How to manage Gallery:

    Image Sizes: For covers we suggest 150k png or smaller.( thumbnails don’t need to be large )

    We know that this task can be a bit confusing, here are some helpful tips to managing your Galleries for both public and member viewing.

    My Gallery(displays all)
    Create a Gallery
    Photo(display Photo only galleries)
    Video(display Video only Galleries)

    Clicking Photo Thumbnail – This normally takes you into a preview how public will see it.

    Clicking Text Under Photo – This is where you can edit and manage the files.
    Adds menu options [Edit & Add Media]. Edit under item allows you to manage the individual item and from menu allows bulk actions.

    Bulk action in edit adds the “Edit Details” – This is Where you can set the Gallery Options such as cover image, title, description and who can view it. And this is the POWER to allow also who can see a select item(i.e. you can make private or view to only logged in uses to see the item).

    Publish/Hide is only available when you add item, this creates and activity entry for you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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