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April 1st - Until it's over

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Spotlight: Women of Marvel

Women of Marvel - Sitting in with Karla

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Writer Karla Pacheco

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Art Work: From the Lara Croft Game Series fan art
Leroy Neiman Famous Rocky Paintings

Painting On Canvas

Painting featured in Rocky Movies, by Artist Leroy Neiman. Neiman also made a cameo in some of them.

“Artist, Collectors and Viewers of creative works are not shy. They seek to explore the cosmos.”

With so many artists around the world, you never will get tired of exploring the works, the inspiration, the dedication to details, the beauty and the genius of many who have expanded their talent and share it across the globe.

The exhibitions are produced by all type of artist, some in collaboration with artists and museums around the world and they often attract international attention. CANVAS seeks to receive a special commendation from the artists and creators this year, and would like to be the top candidate for digital galleries and showcases.

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