Global Pandemic – Hello world! click to read more…

Welcome to CANVAS. This is our first post in these tough times. As the whole world has been affected by the outbreak of the “Coronavirus” disease(SARS-CoV-2). We want to reach out to the Art World of Collectors, Creators and viewers.

This is a place where artist around the world can share their views about all aspects of the art they love, create, collect or just enjoy viewing. Even if you are not an artist, we hope you enjoy some of the topics here.

We hope that members who join us, will respect everyone as we get started. They should monitor their language and art examples they share and follow the guidelines for each forum. We know art is very subjective and could offend some people.(This is not our goal.) We will try to have members mark their topics or content with warnings and provide special areas with questionable topics or works.

Update post: Dec. 2020

Canvas Forum Project Status: Relaunching for 2021 soon.

Enjoy our little forum; stay safe and stay healthy.