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    So when one thinks of Fantasy Art a few names come to mind, Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo.

    Boris who works have been mostly exclusively in the fantasy/erotica genres. And then there is Frank Frazetta, many who may label him as the “Godfather” of fantasy art.

    When it comes to artist, there is always that question will my work stand the “Test of Time”? I am not going to be around forever, but perhaps my art could be.

    In the digital age, art has not been lost to bits and bytes of code. Fans and collectors still like to have physical pieces of art and in many medium formats. The digital age has brought with it the every evolving digital printing. One can now not only reproduce on canvas, but can also use metal and glass in ways that can truly bring out the beauty of works of all genres.

    We hope this forum is a place where you can share or just talk about some of the “History of Art” that inspires or challenges you to be an even better artist. Create are in ways you may not have even consider or try old styles and traditional techniques in recreate some of your works.


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