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    Leo Chief Editor

    As we get started, the “Rules” are pretty basic for now.

    1. Be nice – you can still critique works without being mean.
    2. If you feel that an image, video or audio is for a more mature audience, mark it as private to friends or to the private group(s). Tag your galleries with “Mature”.
    3. If you create a post with more than 2 links, it will be placed in moderation for approval.
    4. You only currently have 10MB of free space, so edit your ART and user sizes and compression that you feel will fit in the space allowed. (Feel free to request for more space.)
    5. External links will be monitored, so trying to keep them within your own domain or the one that is relevant to the topic.
    6. If you are selling services, please use the hire artist forum to place your links.(abuse of this will be removed)
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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