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Leo Chief Editor

Artist Search

We are looking for one or two pieces to use on our “CANVAS” site.

Some cutting edge comics style using foreshortening( good to maximum)

So thank everyone for your submissions. Please do us a favor in submitting your samples:

1) MUST BE original characters (no fan art)

2) at present no nudes (can be sexy just must have clothes)

3) submit at least one with 1 character(male female or creature)

4) submit at least one with 2 or more characters

5) submit at least one with a background or environment

Submission can be simple pencil, line drawing(traditional or digital) Need not be fully rendered.

Many may have a large gallery or portfolio. To aid in choosing an Artist(s), please list the drawing that represents your two submissions. We love to go over a large portfolio but this would take too long. If you have your Genre Portfolio which meets the above criteria, then you can submit that as long as it is less than 10 images.

See my profile link, were more details and status will be posted under keyword “artist search”